There is far too much inventiveness with towels and “whatever-works” when stabilizing the obese patient.  A more uniformed approach is long overdue.”

Jesse D. Baer, MD
Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician
New York City, New York

McDevitt_200h“If you have spent any time doing Pre-Hospital Medicine, you will have experienced the frustration of trying to cervically immobilize both those bariatric patients and those patient’s that are just difficult to “collar”. I believe the Bariatric Collar is a very viable option.

The Bariatric Collar saves the EMS crew from making an inadequate ad-hoc attempt at immobilization with either rolled up towels, or some form of non-specific foam padding. This collar is fast, comes with directions and most of all, provides adequate immobilization when used correctly. These attributes save scene time which is very important. The Bariatric Collar is also a single use item which saves time later during gear cleaning and recovery.

An added benefit for those ALS providers is that unlike traditional collars that can ride up and cover an airway, the Bariatric Collar eliminates that threat by design allowing complete, unobstructed access to the airway for advanced adjuncts to be placed and checked.”

Ian McDevitt, EMT-P, CCEMTP, Tactical Paramedic, EMS-I, Author “Tactical Medicine”

Stutz_200h“Finally a solution to the potentially unstable c-spine injury when the typical immobilization    device just won’t do!”

Stanley J Stutz MD
EMS Medical Director
Northeast Emergency Medicine Specialists